Wine Cork Coasters

P1040609  This is a great project for hostess gifts, gifts, or personal use.  I made them for Christmas gifts and had to keep a set for myself.  They are quite simple and actually can be done with older children and teens although there are a few steps, especially the cutting of the corks in half that you would not want a child to do.  I actually saw these on Pinterest and they were set into small frames.  I couldn’t find frames I liked and then saw another photo on and the crafter used slate tiles.  I liked that idea and when I went to the  hardware store I saw traverstine tiles that I liked much better so that was how my Wine Cork Coasters were created.  Here are the easy step by step instructions on how to make them yourself.



Here are the Supplies that you will need:

  • Traverstine or any 4″x4″ stone tiles
  • Wine corks cut in half
  • Felt
  • White school glue
  • Hot glue
  • Stone Enhancer & Sealer
  • Polyurethane satin clear sealer
  • Sharp Knife (I used carving knife)
  • Blue Painter’s Tape








I found the tiles at Home Depot and they came in sets of 6 for about $4.50.  I took my felt and cut them into squares just a bit smaller than the tiles.  I used the tiles as my pattern.  The felt is for the bottom of the tiles, they are ruff and will scratch a table surface if you don’t use some kind of protective bottom.  You can find pre-cut furniture felt that has adhesive bottoms but they are a little pricy so a felt square and some white glue does the trick for pennies.


P1040603      P1040600














Once you glue the felt on to the bottom of the tile you are ready to pick out and cut your wine corks in half.  Obviously, you need to save your wine corks.  And yes, that means you have to drink more wine, if that is a problem get some friends to help you out and drink more wine too 🙂  I used a large, sharp carving knife to carefully slice the cork in half lengthwise.  In some cases you can use both halfs; it really depends on what is printed on the cork and where you place your cut.  The better you get at placing your cut the more often you can use both halfs.


P1040809       P1040810











Now you want to organize your corks on the top of your stone tiles.  It is best to create the design you want before you glue them on with hot glue.  Corks are different lengths so you need to make sure your corks all fit on the tile so you may have to play with your design a bit before you make it permanent.  I used a basket weave design.  Once I had it set I used hot glue to set  the corks in place one at a time.  I placed the glue on the bottom of the cork but it is really up to you and what works best for you.












Finally, you want to enhance and seal your stone tile around the exposed edge.  You can do this with a brush or just an old rag.  Follow the directions of the Stone enhancer/sealer that you use.  You can find this product in the same hardware store you get your stone tile.  I got mine at Home Depot.  You want to avoid the cork but it is OK if you get it on the cork.  Let the coasters dry based on instructions and once that is done tape off stone edge with blue painters tape.  Now you want to spray the cork part of the coaster with the Polyurethane sealer.  You do want to tape off the stone to avoid getting the polyurethane on the stone.  That’s it they are done and ready to go!


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