What’s My Perfect Makeup Day

perfectmakeupWhat’s My Perfect Makeup Day is a way for my viewers to pick out what they think is the best foundation, mascara, liquid liner and lip color for me. I have been in the hunt for the best coverage, and nicest looking foundation and that inspired me to turn to my viewers for their opinion. Through the magic of technology YouTube has created the ability for me to have an interactive poll running with each of the videos as I demonstrate the products I am trying. All of the selections will be blind test so none of the viewers will know what product I’m using. I will list all the brands I’m using just not what one at each time. I did this so that I would get the most honest and unbiased answer I could… The winner of the poll will be posted the following week video and on my blog so that everyone can use the video and blog for their own makeup hunt!

This series is not only created for my personal search for the Perfect Makeup Day; it is also to help everyone else find their Perfect Makeup Day!!!

Here are some of the Makeup Lines I will be testing in all of the videos over the next 6 weeks:
It Cosmetics
Make Up For Ever
Two Faced
Urban Decay

This series will post every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks. The last video will be a Get Ready With Me, where I will use all the makeup that the viewers have voted on to make what they think will be “My Perfect Makeup Day”. Follow along, vote on your favorite choice, maybe you will find a favorite foundation, mascara, liquid liner or lip color too.

I thought the perfect way to start this tour would be to take everyone on a tour of my bathroom where all the “Magic” happens. Checkout what I have done so far to my bathroom with the custom mirrors, lighting and window coverings. I also give you a peek into all my cupboards and drawers to see my makeup and skin care, how I organize it and what I use. It is just a little insight into how I achieve all the looks you see on all my videos. If you haven’t already subscribed I would love it if you did and joined us here at Embellish Life.

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