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    Posted on July 24, 2015 by in Embellish Spirit


    Now that I have moved a lot of my post onto video at YouTube I thought it would be helpful to run through why I started Embellish Life what my goals and ambitions are for the blog, videos and Embellish Life in general… Although, Embellish Life started over 10 years ago my entire life has been dedicated to supporting and inspiring people (mainly women) to reach beyond their expectations and become the very best person they have dreamed of being… I love nurturing peoples goals and dreams and I also love to help people search and strive for realistic goals so everyone can feel the joy of accomplishment. It is my belief that when you strive for the obtainable your will find the extraordinary; keeping your mind and heart open to all possibilities leaves everyone exposed to experience life in it’s fullest. If you want to see more check out my video, What is Embellish Life?

    Please join me on my new venture on YouTube while I dump my knowledge onto video in hopes to teach and inspire everyone to face their fears, strive for their dreams and accomplish the possible… Because Everything in Life is Better When You Embellish!

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