Weight Gain is all in my Head

I just saw something on the Today Show about calories and eating for Thanksgiving dinner. They were saying that on average a huge Thanksgiving dinner with wine and pre-snacking can be over 3000 calories. That seems catastrophic for someone trying to lose weight or even someone trying to maintain a healthy routine. The piece went on to say, with a glimmer of hope, that to gain a pound of weight in a day you have to eat an additional 3000 calories above the average 2000 calories that the average person needs to just function in a day. So the math for that is, on average, a person would have to eat about 5000 calories, more or less, to gain a pound in a day. This got me thinking…

I have seen myself throughout the years, even when I was extremely thin, get on a scale and gain 3 to 5 lbs in a day??? OMG, what does that mean??? No way I had eaten that much, right! No, it is water weight and you know they always say, weight yourself in the morning, don’t weight yourself multiple times in the day, weigh yourself once a week, weigh yourself the same time in the day, and the one I just love, don’t weigh yourself at all (like that’s going to happen) 😉 … Well, the mass fluctuation could be a good argument for why not to weight yourself or at least not to rely on it so much 😉 But alas, we all do, or at least those of us of a certain age, that have come to use the scale as a certain marker/gauge on how well or not so well, as the case may be, we are doing on our body image goals.

So, what was I thinking? Well, that’s just it, thinking… OK, if the Today Show is accurate and I am going to assume for the moment it is somewhat accurate; most of us are not eating 5000 calories a day to put on an extra pound a day. I am also guessing that most of us are not gaining that fast, but I bet some of you, like myself, do find after a week or so might put on 3 to 5 lbs quite easily and taking the same 3 to 5 off is not as easy. This is leading me to believe that the whole weight loss thing might have a lot more to do about “Thinking” than eating. OK, before everyone gets all excited and starts stuffing their faces and burning their workout clothes, I’m not saying that overdoing anything will aide in any kind of positive kind of lifestyle. Over eating, drinking, even exercising can be harmful; everything in moderation done with health and well being as the motivation is always the best guide to follow. What I was thinking is that the whole stress of what we are doing or not doing might be a bigger contributor to our weight gain than anyone (professionals and laymen alike) give it credit for. I know a lot of doctors and weight loss professionals talk about cortisol and the whole midsection getting thicker due to stress. How that increases as you get older and it is hard to control. I know due to some medical issues I had some test that most people never get for cortisol and I have an extra protein (or something) in my blood that attract that hormone and I can have an extremely high amount of cortisol in my blood, lucky me, so I have to really be extra conscious about stress in my life or can suffer many of the nasty side effects of high levels of cortisol, including midsection weight gain for no good reason; super fun 😉

With knowledge comes insight and in some cases freedom. I have started to think maybe over the past 8 years while I have struggled with a lot of my medical issues the one thing that has never been answered and for the most part passed over is the unexplained weight gain. In total I gained about 60 pounds and over time I’ve lost about 25 of it, realized that I was probably 10 pounds underweight and still have about 20ish more to go. Since I know I don’t over eat, I exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle; not being able to get to my target 140/135lbs has been really frustrating. I may be fighting a bit of an uphill battle due to my cortisol issue and need to keep a bit of a better watch on a “stress-free” environment, LOL… I’ll work on that 😉 Even with that, I think I should be able to get a better grip on the weight; which leads me back to my original premise… What was I thinking…

We as women think too much!!! STOP THINKING!!! 😉

Because think about it, for this one last time:

Thinking = worry = stress = cortisol + hormones = (potential weight gain) = sad/worry/thinking = stress…

Do you see the cycle continuing over and over?

What if a lot of our weigh issues are due to worrying about our weight issues??? How ironic would that be? Boy would that throw the weight loss industry into a tizzy! That’s totally not to say eating well and exercise is not important, it is! I will always do that because it is good for my body, heart, longevity, and tone. It is a personal choice because I enjoy the sports I chose not because I need to lose 20 pounds. I eat well because I don’t want to feel like a garbage can and now and again I will eat junk because it is fun and then I will let it go, breath, drink a bunch of water, walk around the block and just get over myself!!! 🙂 This is my new promise; I am going to stop thinking/stressing about my body image. I know where I need to be to be healthy. Now I will stop thinking about it. I will stop thinking about every step I take or don’t take, I will not worry about everything that goes into my mouth, if I have worked hard enough during the day, drank enough water (although important, I’m not stressing over it), and for once in a very long time I will just enjoy life for me. Let’s see how that works… Keep you posted 🙂

It must be noted I already eat well (1500 to 1800 cal. Veggie heavy gluten free (medically necessary) and exercise 3 to 5 days a week for at least an hour. I do indulge in red wine in the evening and on occasion dark chocolate (not a lot because it is oddly not my favorite) Cheese is my vice and salty foods I probably eat too much of those. I love fruity chewy candy so those I try to keep out of the house so I don’t go crazy… I only post this so that no one gets the wrong idea that I am eating fast food and chocolate cake and now supporting the idea that weight gain is all in our heads and that if we don’t think about it/worry about it and keep on going the way we always have we will lose weight. NO! I’m speaking to those people that have good habits or relatively good habits that are trying hard and just don’t see any results or are not seeing the results they want no matter how hard they try. And the only answers they get from professionals is, “try harder!”, “You must be doing something wrong.” “What are you eating?”… I am speaking to myself; because this is the answers I got for over 8 years from scores of doctors after they were stumped as to why with as little as I ate and as much as I worked out and as closely as I followed their instructions I didn’t see any results… So, do I think eating fast food, sitting on the sofa and watching TV all day but adding “not thinking/worrying” about it will help someone lose weight is the right path. NO…

Oh, and just in case this is not obvious, I am not a medical professional, what I write is my personal opinion. Anything a person chooses to do for them self they should check with their personal physician first.

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