The Comfy Pants

This is dedicated to my Sister-in-Law, Christina, without her I would have never found my comfy pants .


While staring blankly into my closet early this morning contemplating global hunger I took a brief moment to decide what to wear.   Isn’t that what we all do in the morning while getting ready for the day… consider the solution for worldwide crisis? 😉  Once I figured that out, I grabbed my old faithful standby; my “comfy” pants.  We all have them; that pair of pants that no matter how fat, gross, or ugly you feel that day, once you slide them on, all you feel is cozy and warm and they always fit!  They also go by the name of “fat pants”; but really, that doesn’t do them the proper amount of homage.  They are so much more than just a “fat pants”, they are a reliable old friend.  They come in many shapes and forms: jeans, cotton, elastic waist, worn, with holes and without, perfectly new and 10 years old.   I love my “comfy” pants; maybe a bit too much.  I have often found myself wearing them multiple times a week.  This weighed heavy on me, because really, how many times can you wear the same pants in one week before it gets a little weird and definitely gross.  😉  I thought I had the answer to my dilemma by trying different versions of my “comfy pants”.  It is amazing how a simple velour pants can take on so many forms.  Every time I tried a different kind I never had the same warm and comfy feeling and back I went to my old faithful pants. 

As with many odd habits, you occasionally look back trying to figure out, “how it all started”; I remember the introduction to my “comfy pants”.  It was a few years back and I complemented my sister-in-law on her cute velour jogging pants.  She told me she loved them and needed to get more pairs, or maybe she already had more pairs, this point is irrelevant because multiple pairs where inevitable at this point.  From then on I began to notice her cute Juicy pants, a lot!  I joked with her about her repeat choice.  I knew she had a vast selection of items but she seemed to like her Juicy pants.  She said she attempted to pick other items but that pant always won out.  At this point I was intrigued, what is it about this pant that outweighed the need for diversity, fashion, and the moray of wearing the same thing too many times in a row… I had to try them; soon, like now.  The next day I was at the store trying them, and she was right, so comfy and still looked good.  The velour was just thick enough that it magically smoothed everything out.  I started with a nice basic black with the wide waistband, and I was hooked.  From there I got a brown pair, grey, turquoise, red, and recently pink.  I have ventured off to other brands but always to return to my original love, Juicy.  

I have sadly found myself making these pants look dressy in ways I know I shouldn’t.  I have worn them with cute wedges and sparkly tops and didn’t care they were my “comfy pants”.  On rainy days or warm beach days I can find a way to wear my “comfy pants”.  I think everyone should find their own “comfy pant” no matter what the style and embrace them.  That being said, the fashionista in me cannot fully condone wearing the same pants everyday but I can get behind finding a fit or style that works for your body and get multiple colors.  Mix it up with different tops, shoes, and accessories.  I have learned to embrace my need to wear my Juicy velour pants and mix it up with different styles and colors of that cut. Honestly though, nothing is the same as my first black pair with the wide waistband; because yes, I still have them and wear them even after 5 years.  Let’s be honest ladies, we all have at least one favorite staple item, that “comfy pants”, that you know will never let you down 🙂 

Do you have a favorite item, that “comfy pants”?  Let me know what your favorite item is and why.  Who knows, we may all find new items to embellish our “comfy pants” selections 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Comfy Pants

  1. I love your article on comfy pants. I take this 1 step further though. I seem to have a comfy pant of the week that I just cant seem to stop wearing that week. Then the next week a different pair become the comfy pant of the week. I guess we all have our idiosyncrasies.

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