How I Work From Home

Entrapanuer resume

I created a video that covered how I worked from home and all the home based businesses that I created over the years. I always had an entrepreneur spirit even as a teen model and young adult with my own personal shopping and closet organizing business. When I was in college I had my first clothing line and designed a small line of sports wear. By the time my oldest son Drake was 10 months old we decided that staying home with him made the most financial sense for our family and I started Bright Beginnings, a home based day care. When he was about 2.5yrs Bright Beginnings became a custom wreath business where I made birth announcements and hooded baby towel sets. I sold them at fairs and online. As the Internet started to take on a bigger presence I also started another business as a personal shopper for mothers, shopping for toys and collectables.

During this time I was also noticing an increasing tension among the online community of working vs at home moms (or parents). I found it very counter productive. I wanted to do something to defuse the tension and start a dialog going that would benefit everyone and eventually help the people we all wanted to protect and that was the children. So I started a non-profit called HIPP- Home Income Producing Parents. We had a huge web presence for about 6 years and I was very proud of that. Many people had advised me that I should have made the business for profit but that was not what I was about and many of the people that needed my help had the extra cash anyway so it kind of defeated the purpose to take what little money they had to help them. That didn’t leave me feeling warm and fuzzy, so non-profit it was.

I had many Home Based Businesses; a lot of them revolved around supporting women, fashion, style, beauty and cosmetics. If you want to find out more about the many home based businesses I have had you will have to check out my video on Embellish Life at YouTube.

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