Promise List 2015


It is officially 2015 and time for me to make some new promises to myself and send them out into the atmosphere to take hold and grow! I did take a moment to reflect on 2014 and the promises that I made to myself last year, some were completed in style and others were only touched on, addressed all the same so I feel successful in accomplishing all that I set out to. I absolutely have room to improve on some of my last year promises and that may be as simple as rethinking the approach or that I have grown above the original promise and it needs to be restated or discarded all together; that in itself is a success in my book. Anytime you grow or change beyond an original idea or plan you have made a step towards something special 🙂

My promises for 2015 are in celebration of me turning 50 in the latter part of 2014. In light of that monumental achievement, reaching 50 in one piece (more or less, I think I am missing a few pieces and I have a few pieces that are a little wonky; but all and all pretty good 😉 ) I am dedicating 2015 to myself and my Bucket List! Oddly, this is even hard for me to put down on paper. My whole life has been dedicated to others in one way or another, focused on pleasing, helping, supporting, working, and raising someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I did it willingly and without coercion and I enjoy making others happy and their lives better. I think that is why it is difficult for me to even admit that I would like to take time to focus on some things that would just make me happy. Well seriously, I’m 50 and just getting around to it, PLEASE! Peter has been telling me to do it for years now, and I just can’t seem to let go of the guilt of not doing for others. Last year was a big turning point for us with a big move, a lot of changes in our lives with the kids all out of school and in college, and some simple soul searching when it came to the people I thought were close to me. It was due to these big changes that I was able to make the HUGE leap and almost fundamentally change my personality focus from outside to in. I can’t say it has been easy. Just in the past month or so as we have come up on 2015, the thought of not doing what I have always done and just doing me has been exciting but also very scary.

I try to keep my Promise List to around 10 promises for the year. I find it is easier to keep 10 promises to myself. That is just me, less than 10 is even easier and the satisfaction of a job well done might be just the thing to start a new tradition of doing a promise list every year. Then again if you are super motivated or have a bunch of small promises that will be easy to keep maybe a longer list is not such a burden. Promise Lists should never feel like a weight around your neck of tasks that “have to do” but goals and dreams that you are looking forward to achieving and reaching with the completion being the prize! So, with 2015 one day new here are my promises to me:

1. I will not dwell or worry about my weight; I will continue to eat well and exercise and let it just be!
2. I am going to focus my energy on Embellish Life being a profitable entity with passive income (while still helping others. See I still got that in there 😉 )
3. Visit New Orleans.
4. Visit Vermont, preferably in the fall.
5. Visit Nantucket or an East Coast Beach and have fresh Maine Lobster.
6. Visit New York during Christmas to see the tree and a Broadway play.
7. Explore some of the Caribbean Islands.
8. Learn to play Golf.
9. Get better at Tennis.
10. Start dancing Ballet again.

There you go! As easy as that! Have a wonderful 2015 and have fun making all your promises come true!

2013 New Years Promises

ChristmasHeadShot2012I have been considering how I want to handle 2013 and traditional New Year’s Resolution.  I have been thinking that this year I don’t want to make goals, resolutions, challenges or “to do’s”; this year I am going to make myself Promises.  I am still going to make a list, because I love my lists 🙂  Lists help me keep on task with everything I do.  I am going to make sure each promise I make is achievable and yet challenges me because I really want to grow beyond my comfort zone this year.


I am feeling physically better than I have in quite a few years and I think I can afford to reach a bit and not necessary worry about my health as much as I have had to the past, almost 8 years… Hard to believe it has been that long but… Time flies when you’re having fun 😉  I am also going to make promises to myself that focus on my personal growth and the growth of my family.  As much as I love helping and supporting others I think for the past, I’m not sure but close to 18 years, I have devoted a lot of time and energy focused outward on others.  Don’t get me wrong, I love helping others and a lot of that help has crossed over to helping family too, but very little of it truly focused on any of my dreams or ambitions.  Many times I would start going in a personal direction than in one way or another I would become side tracked and start to help someone or some group achieve their goals or dreams and “BAM” a year was gone.  Not complaining, just making a realization into my way of avoiding my dreams; it is way easier to help others achieve their dreams than focus on your own 😉


2013 is my year to make a promise to myself to not put myself on the back burner, not make excuses that I am “doing for others”.  As noble as that sounds it is still “my” excuse not to try.  I know I will keep on giving of my time because that is just who I am and it truly makes me happy.  I promise that I will learn to keep my tasks first and fill in with the others as time permits and not the other way around.  This will not be easy for me but I think it is an important promise to make to myself and my family and a really good lesson to learn, for me 🙂  So, without further ado here is my 2013 list of Promises:


I Promise To:

  1. Focus on family and my personal goals first before I add additional tasks.
  2. Write and post on a more regular basis.
  3. Research Event and Experience.
  4. Get all business paperwork done and in order.
  5. Continue to eat well and try new recipes.
  6. Exercise at least 3 days a week and be active every chance I get.
  7. Continue to lose weight and lose another 20lbs, the right way.
  8. Remove all medical concerns so that my health will no longer be a restriction on my life.
  9. Finish all necessary house projects so that our home is ready to sell by June if we want to.
  10. Help my son get ready for his senior year so that he has all his options available.


Well, this is my list of promises to me and I am going to do all that I can do to keep these promises.  I also hope that by making my promises public I will motivate others to make a commitment to push beyond their comfort zone and change things in their lives that they have always wanted to.  If you want to join me in making promises to yourself and want to have an online support system post your promises here and we can help each other stick with our promises.  I know that it is easier to achieve when you have support from others and it is harder to quit when you make your intentions public.  So, what do you have to lose?  Let me know what you would like to promise yourself and I will have your back and you can have mine 🙂