My Big Move- CA vs. FL

Moving from California to Florida was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I am no stranger to making a big move with my family. We move from Southern California to Northern California; where we lived for about 5 years and we also made an expat move to Switzerland for about 2 years when the boys were younger. So that was actually a double move if you want to count the big move back. For some reason moving from the West Coast, that I knew all my life to the East Coast was a much bigger deal than I had anticipated; and I am relatively easy going when it comes to environmental changes, making friends and setting up house in a new area.

Want to find out more about the differences I found between CA vs. FL? How the big move affected me? How any big change can be tackled; even if they are thrown at you one after another? Find out what my crazy first year was like in FL and how I lived to tell about it; all while I unpack my last shoe box, ONE YEAR LATER! You can see it all on my YouTube video! Don’t forget to check out my links below to see the other places that you can find me.

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