Heart Attack @ 50! Why me?

heart attack
I am 50 years old and in good physical health as far as my heart is concerned. At 50 while I was getting my hair cut, enjoying my relaxing day I started to have a heart attack… Like so many have now warned, it wasn’t like your classic male heart attack symptoms, it wasn’t even like the now publicized female symptoms… For me it was a combination of both male and female with my own twist.

I am not a medical professional or do I have a medical background; this is just my story and what happened to me. I am posting this to help other people that might have a similar situation in their lifetime and if my story can make someone stop and think, if I could help another person or even save a life, then telling my story is worth it.

The reason that I listened to my symptoms and sought medical help was because I had seen the Barbara Walters ABC Special: ‘A Matter of Life and Death’. She also spoke about it in her show The View and those two platforms gave me enough information to know when it started to happen to me something was not right and I needed to get help immediately!

To get the information on my heart attack at 50 check out my Heart Attach @ 50 video on YouTube.

Here is also a link to another information site and one that I like to use when I want medical answer.

Signs of a Heart Attack for Women @ WebMD.

Here is another good link from The American Heart Association:
‘Signs of a Heart Attack in Women’

I hope my story helps others, especially women, as heart disease is the #1 killer of women! Just because you are young, healthy, do all the right things, and live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t me an you are exempt for Heart Disease or a Heart Attack… Listen to your body, don’t feel silly, if you think it feels wrong check it out… Better wrong than dead!

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Lifestyle Change for Fall 2014

I am going to share another lifestyle challenge with you… For whatever reason, since I moved to Florida, I have gained weight, about 6lbs 🙁 A Rachael Ray Show was on the other day and she was talking about weight loss and her guest was one of the coaches from Biggest Looser; the static he had was weight loss is 80% diet (what you eat not being on a “diet”) and 20% exercise… Intellectually, I knew this was probably pretty accurate… I didn’t want admit it but even though I work out a bit more than most women my age, my eating habits are not the best 🙁 My biggest issues are I eat too much sugar, don’t drink enough water, and wait till too late in the day to start eating and most likely over eat…
So, here is my challenge to myself, I’m making it public to keep me honest:
        1. I am going to drink more water.
        2. Reduce my processed sugar intake.
        3. Nibble throughout the day so I’m not super hungry at night.
Baby steps, my first step will be to drink 3 16oz bottles of water, eat something before 11am, and don’t buy any candy when I go to the store. I am going to increase the intensity of the steps every week for a month and see if I can lose these 6lbs or even more… 10 would be great!
I will share with you all my successes and be honest about what I fell short on. Since I am fairly active I will share what I do each day; this will give me an accurate record of what is really going on daily, weekly and eventually monthly.
Anyone want to join me?? You can post it here or just keep your own record privately.