How to be a Good Friend-Kindness Challenge

Today I wanted to talk about something important to me and that is Friendship and what makes a good friend. By luck, it ties into my 2017 Goals/Promises that I made to myself. If you want to hear me talk in detail about Friendship and Goals make sure you check out my YouTube Video. I hope this video inspires you to take my Kindness Challenge and incorporate some type of kindness goals into your daily routine and see if your life and outlook doesn’t change for the better. Let me know in the comments if you are going to try a little more kindness in your life. I would love to hear from you. Please give me a “Thumbs Up” if you like this video and don’t forget to subscribe. Keep reading here for my list of what I think makes a good friend and what my 2017 Goals are.

Here are my ideas on How to be a Good Friend; I’m reading a great book Stiletto Network by Pamela Reyckman and she talks about how women need to support and uplift other women in the workforce and in daily life. She also covers how it is our responsibility to help and support other women to succeed in their goals and dreams. This has always been a philosophy of mine and has been an important part of my work, in coaching, styling designing and being a friend. I want to see others succeed and if I can do something to help that then that is an accomplishment for me as well as the person striving for self-improvement. Here is the list of 5 qualities I find important in being a good friend.

  1. Never lose yourself in a friendship.
  2. A friendship should be reciprocal.
  3. A good friendship stands the test of time.
  4. Real friends don’t gossip about their friends.
  5. Be confident in who you are; celebrate other friends good fortune. Be kind!

I originally posted a video in January that caught my viewers up on what had been going on with me and then went through my goals/promises for 2017. I think it might have been a bit too much information and many people missed the goal part; which I thought was really motivating. In that video, I am going to go through my Goals/Promises for 2017 and I totally changed it up and decided to do something new and exciting. It is an experiment that my whole family is going to join in on. If it works I think it will be life-changing. We would love to have you join us.

What I have decided to do is cut the video in half and re-post the goal part with some updates on our progress. I am also going to add some of my thoughts and feelings about being a good friend, mentor and kind person. This leads directly to the goals our family is trying to implement this year and the promises that we are keeping for ourselves. Here are what we are trying to do this year 2017 Goals/Promises:

  1. Surround my life with kindness.
  2. Forgive my transgressors.
  3. Be Frustrated, not angry and then let it go.
  4. Walk away from negativity.
  5. Positive Mental Attitude.

I am going to leave a link to both of the videos so that you can check out the first have of the Catch-up video if you want to find out some of the things that are going on in my life right now. If not I would go straight to the second video and get a full picture of our goals and some of my ideas on friendship and kindness. It is my hope that this website and my YouTube channel is a place of kindness, growth and safe exchange of ideas. I don’t want anyone to feel that they cannot share a part of them self for fear of being shamed or ridiculed; including myself. Believe me there is nothing you can say that I have probably not heard straight to my face before, so if your goal is to hurt me the written word on a blog will come far from doing it; I’m a lot tougher than that and lived through a lot worse; don’t waste your time.

To see details, check out the link to both of my video: Catch-Up & 2017 Goals/Promises My newest video with the updated goals only and friendship addition is here: How to be a Good Friend-Kindness Challenge

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My Big Move- CA vs. FL

Moving from California to Florida was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I am no stranger to making a big move with my family. We move from Southern California to Northern California; where we lived for about 5 years and we also made an expat move to Switzerland for about 2 years when the boys were younger. So that was actually a double move if you want to count the big move back. For some reason moving from the West Coast, that I knew all my life to the East Coast was a much bigger deal than I had anticipated; and I am relatively easy going when it comes to environmental changes, making friends and setting up house in a new area.

Want to find out more about the differences I found between CA vs. FL? How the big move affected me? How any big change can be tackled; even if they are thrown at you one after another? Find out what my crazy first year was like in FL and how I lived to tell about it; all while I unpack my last shoe box, ONE YEAR LATER! You can see it all on my YouTube video! Don’t forget to check out my links below to see the other places that you can find me.

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I hope you join me to learn, laugh and share all the fun we will have while Embellishing Life!

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Promise List 2015


It is officially 2015 and time for me to make some new promises to myself and send them out into the atmosphere to take hold and grow! I did take a moment to reflect on 2014 and the promises that I made to myself last year, some were completed in style and others were only touched on, addressed all the same so I feel successful in accomplishing all that I set out to. I absolutely have room to improve on some of my last year promises and that may be as simple as rethinking the approach or that I have grown above the original promise and it needs to be restated or discarded all together; that in itself is a success in my book. Anytime you grow or change beyond an original idea or plan you have made a step towards something special 🙂

My promises for 2015 are in celebration of me turning 50 in the latter part of 2014. In light of that monumental achievement, reaching 50 in one piece (more or less, I think I am missing a few pieces and I have a few pieces that are a little wonky; but all and all pretty good 😉 ) I am dedicating 2015 to myself and my Bucket List! Oddly, this is even hard for me to put down on paper. My whole life has been dedicated to others in one way or another, focused on pleasing, helping, supporting, working, and raising someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I did it willingly and without coercion and I enjoy making others happy and their lives better. I think that is why it is difficult for me to even admit that I would like to take time to focus on some things that would just make me happy. Well seriously, I’m 50 and just getting around to it, PLEASE! Peter has been telling me to do it for years now, and I just can’t seem to let go of the guilt of not doing for others. Last year was a big turning point for us with a big move, a lot of changes in our lives with the kids all out of school and in college, and some simple soul searching when it came to the people I thought were close to me. It was due to these big changes that I was able to make the HUGE leap and almost fundamentally change my personality focus from outside to in. I can’t say it has been easy. Just in the past month or so as we have come up on 2015, the thought of not doing what I have always done and just doing me has been exciting but also very scary.

I try to keep my Promise List to around 10 promises for the year. I find it is easier to keep 10 promises to myself. That is just me, less than 10 is even easier and the satisfaction of a job well done might be just the thing to start a new tradition of doing a promise list every year. Then again if you are super motivated or have a bunch of small promises that will be easy to keep maybe a longer list is not such a burden. Promise Lists should never feel like a weight around your neck of tasks that “have to do” but goals and dreams that you are looking forward to achieving and reaching with the completion being the prize! So, with 2015 one day new here are my promises to me:

1. I will not dwell or worry about my weight; I will continue to eat well and exercise and let it just be!
2. I am going to focus my energy on Embellish Life being a profitable entity with passive income (while still helping others. See I still got that in there 😉 )
3. Visit New Orleans.
4. Visit Vermont, preferably in the fall.
5. Visit Nantucket or an East Coast Beach and have fresh Maine Lobster.
6. Visit New York during Christmas to see the tree and a Broadway play.
7. Explore some of the Caribbean Islands.
8. Learn to play Golf.
9. Get better at Tennis.
10. Start dancing Ballet again.

There you go! As easy as that! Have a wonderful 2015 and have fun making all your promises come true!