Football Party

There is no reason to spend your day cooking for a football party. Here is a way to have a great party and spend your day with your guest and still look like the hostess with all the tricks up her sleeve. The tricks are to make only one or two signature dishes from scratch and embellish the rest with whole foods to enhance their flavor and give them the extra pizazz at presentation.

You can find the recipe to my Mexican Hot Carrots on my blog at:

The Key Lime mini pies are at Sorted Food:
(I’m gluten free so we used gluten free gingersnap cookies purchased from Trader Joe’s)

I embellished my Mexican Beans by mixing two styles: Rosartia Spicy Jalapeno and Bush Cocina Latina.

The Queso Sauce was made with Tostitos Salsa Con Queso Medium, Progresso Recipe Starters Cheese sauce, 1 cp shredded Mexican 3 cheese, 2 tlbs. chopped fresh cilantro. Melted all together
I embellished my Southwest Ranch dip by adding some fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro (you could add and fresh herb)

Have fun at your next football party! You can apply these tips to almost any party. A party doesn’t have to be a big stress if you now a few easy steps. Check out my “How to Have a Stress Free Party” for more tips. To see the entire Football Party video you can click on the link and see all the photos and video of the party and set up.

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