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Stitch Fix From Start to Finish-all you need to know! | Embellish Life
  • Stitch Fix From Start to Finish-all you need to know!

    Posted on February 21, 2017 by in Embellish Style

    I tried an online subscription company that sends you fashion from head to toe pulled by your own stylist for only a $20 fee. Now you may be thinking, why in the world would you want someone else to pick out your clothes (you may be thinking that for me and/or yourself). I can’t speak for why you might not want to have someone pick out your fashions for you; I can tell you my control freak, fashion diva, bargain hunting self, had quite a moment of pause before I tried it out. If I am 100% honest in my first video: Stitch Fix Set Up, I was originally trying it as an experience and being the test dummy for all my viewers. So, let me walk you briefly through the process while I set up my account, answer all my Stitch Fix fashion question and find out what Stitch Fix is all about. When you sign up they have you fill out a questionnaire and try to get to know you through some of your social media pages, if you have them. They are also establishing your size and lifestyle/clothing needs. For more details check out my first video where I go into more details.

    My first Stitch Fix box arrived, it only took a few days after ordering and if you watch my second video you can see what I received. My opinion of the quality, style and service. I will take you through the purchasing process and prices of my first order, find out what I kept and I do a quick fashion show so you can see what all the clothing looks like on. I even styled it with some of my own stuff in the way the stylist suggested. Here is the link to that video: My First Stitch Fix-Unboxing & Lookbook I do prefer shopping on sale and Stitch Fix doesn’t give you that opportunity to do that except for crediting back your $20 stylist fee if you buy something from your current fix and if you buy it all (5 pieces) you get a 25% discount on the entire order. This is something but I prefer a bigger sale. They do have a referral program where they give you $25 if a friend you referred shops with them. I think that is your best bet on getting a bigger discount. Here is my referral link if anyone is currently interested in shopping and trying out Stitch Fix:Stitch Fix Refer A Friend

    To see details, check out the link to my video: Stitch Fix-How to Set-up & Get Started and the second video: My First Stitch Fix-Unboxing & Lookbook
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    Hautelook: Refer a friend link available to everyone; one time only $20 thank you if you have never shopped Hautelook before. Only to be used at Hautelook. **

    Joss & Main: Refer a friend link available to everyone; one time only $15 thank you if you have never shopped at Joss & Main before. Only to be used at Joss & Main. **

    Stitch Fix: I just started to use Stitch Fix and this is a Refer a friend link available to everyone; one time only $25 thank you if you have never shopped Stitch Fix before. Only to be used at Stitch Fix **

    BaubleBar: Refer a friend link available to everyone; one time only 150 points to say thank you if you have never shopped BaubleBar before. Only to be used at BaubleBar **

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    **Right now I only have referral links that are available to anyone who tells a new friend about one of the companies above. It has nothing to do with being a YouTube creator. The $$ I receive are only able to be used with that company to do more shopping; which I will make videos on. Videos are fun for everyone!! If I did have affiliate links (I DO NOT), the $$ would be used to help support my website and the free content. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for your help! Heidi

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