Packing Made Perfect

packingPacking is never fun and many of us put it off till the last minute. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing you have packed everything for everyone else but you don’t have all the things you need or have forgotten that critical item for your special outfit. If you follow my 15 tips these problems and a few more will never plague you again and your get away will be peaceful from beginning to end.

If you want to know how to pack without checking a bag then check out my video on my Embellish Life You Tube Channel and watch Packing Made Perfect! Below you can get the 15 tips to make packing painless and traveling easy; plus a bonus tip to make your tip seem like luxury no matter where you are going. You will have to watch my video to find all my secrets on packing.

Tips for Packing Made Perfect:

1. Make an Itinerary List.
2. Add clothing needs based on Itinerary.
3. Itemize List for clothing.
4. Color Coordinate clothing. ( i.e. Black, White and one or two colors.)
5. Color coordinate your shoes so you take few shoes also.
6. Put your shoes in plastic bags to keep clothing clean.
7. Put heavier Items on the bottom for support.
8. Put jewelry in organza bags to keep from tangling.
9. Lay stuff out days in advance but don’t pack until the night before to cut down on wrinkling.
10. Put the bigger heaver items on the bottom, followed by items that are wrinkle free or don’t wrinkle. The top is for delicates.
11. Travel Makeup bag is kept packed to shorten packing time.
12. Use giveaways and samples in travel bag that meet travel size standards and make your trip a fun trial of new product lines.
13. Save you reusable small jars, 3.4 oz. or smaller, and re-fill them with your full size skin care.
14. Almost empty color can be used in a travel bag; so it is not quite as heartbreaking if lost.
15. Ask Department stores for samples of your fragrance to put in your travel case.
BONUS TIP: Save your samples from dentist, Ulta Beauty free samples, travel sizes, Hotel samples… Use them for your travel case.

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