Outdoor Pillow Project

Here is another cost saving décor project; outdoor pillows.  You do need to know how to use a sewing machine and cut a square but besides that it really isn’t too hard.  If you have ever priced décor pillows and cushions you know how much they cost, it is crazy, and when you consider that they are sitting outside for an entire season it is even crazier.  I live on the West Coast in California and our outdoor season is most of the year so our outside items get even more weather worn so spending a lot of money doesn’t always guarantee that they are going to last any longer then less expensive versions.  In fact, it has been my experience that they fade and rot just as fast for the most part.  So, in revolt of the ridiculously expensive cushions I came up with a solution to get fashion forward looks for next to nothing; so you don’t feel sick when your outside pillows get pooped on by a bird, ripped up by a raccoon or faded from the sun.

I didn’t even have to go to the fabric store because albeit cheaper than ready-made, outdoor fabric is not cheap either.  I went to a home store, Home Goods, to be exact and picked up the large 90” rectangle table- cloth in the color scheme and design I was looking for.  I actually had better luck finding what I was looking for using a table-cloth then the 4 fabric stores that I visited first!  With the one table-cloth I was able to make 4 small pillows and a runner for the top of our outdoor bar.  My total cost was about $20 for everything.  I did do some recycling and re-using of old pillow stuffing but even if you had to buy all new stuffing I think you could do it for close to the same price.

Supply list:

  • 1 90″ rectangle table cloth
  • old pillows, inserts, or pillow stuffing
  • sewing machine


Follow the How To Photos and enjoy outdoor décor without going broke:

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