No Sew Curtain

Check out the full description on how to make a No Sew Curtain on my YouTube Channel, Embellish Life on YouTube! The cocktail for this episode is a personal favorite of mine and one of my own creations, The Tropical Isle Coke. See below for the recipe:

    Tropical Isle Coke

1 oz. Malibu Rum
1 oz. Captain Morgan Spice Rum
1 can Vanilla Coke Zero (you can use regular Vanilla Coke. This is just the low cal. version)

Mix the rums and coke over ice and enjoy this tropical version of an old favorite!

In the video I mention Save-On-Crafts, I have listed the link here as well as in the description on my video. It is a fantastic resource for craft supplies, floral supplies and event/display items. I have been using them for years and always look here first for creative pieces. In this project I purchased my Fairy Lights, raffia ribbon and the iridescent purple netting (which was pre-hemed). They have a large variety of draping scarfs and fabric, ribbons and garland if you choose to use it.

I wanted to note when buying your fabric you should get 2 to 2.5 x the length of your window (ie. your window is 24″ you would need 48″ to 60″ of fabric). The difference is how far down the height of the window you want your draping to go. I would get a little extra because you can always cut it off if it is too long. Keep in mind the type of fabric you use, you want it to drape nicely. Stiff or thick fabric doesn’t drape as well as lighter, softer fabric.

There is really no wrong way to drape. You can have curtains that are even on both sides or one side longer. Make sure if you make it asymmetrical that you have the lengths obviously shorter on one side. If it is slight then it will look lopsided or you just had too much of your cocktail.

Have fun and remember; Everything in life is better when you Embellish!

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