Lifestyle Change for Fall 2014

I am going to share another lifestyle challenge with you… For whatever reason, since I moved to Florida, I have gained weight, about 6lbs 🙁 A Rachael Ray Show was on the other day and she was talking about weight loss and her guest was one of the coaches from Biggest Looser; the static he had was weight loss is 80% diet (what you eat not being on a “diet”) and 20% exercise… Intellectually, I knew this was probably pretty accurate… I didn’t want admit it but even though I work out a bit more than most women my age, my eating habits are not the best 🙁 My biggest issues are I eat too much sugar, don’t drink enough water, and wait till too late in the day to start eating and most likely over eat…
So, here is my challenge to myself, I’m making it public to keep me honest:
        1. I am going to drink more water.
        2. Reduce my processed sugar intake.
        3. Nibble throughout the day so I’m not super hungry at night.
Baby steps, my first step will be to drink 3 16oz bottles of water, eat something before 11am, and don’t buy any candy when I go to the store. I am going to increase the intensity of the steps every week for a month and see if I can lose these 6lbs or even more… 10 would be great!
I will share with you all my successes and be honest about what I fell short on. Since I am fairly active I will share what I do each day; this will give me an accurate record of what is really going on daily, weekly and eventually monthly.
Anyone want to join me?? You can post it here or just keep your own record privately.

3 thoughts on “Lifestyle Change for Fall 2014

  1. Day 1 of Challenge: I ate before 11am (a serving of pistachios and the left over super food salad I made for dinner the night before; about 1.5 cup).

    I did my normal 100 situps and 5 planks held for 12 seconds.

    I made sure that I ate throughout the day. I think that was my biggest “Ah Ha” moments. I totally didn’t feel as hungry and ate less at night.

    I also used my new water bottle that has been sitting in my cupboard for a month 😉 and drank all my water for the day!

    Hope all of you that are joining me had positive movement forward to reaching your goals! Let me know how you are doing.

  2. Day 2:

    Water goal was archived just barely, how funny that this would be the goal that would be the trickiest.

    Totally rocked the sugar goal! Went to the movies with the family and I DID NOT get candy!! Very happy with this especially since it wasn’t that hard; I just stuck with the popcorn 😉

    I did eat through out the day but I think movie and dinner may have pushed me over the calorie count.

    I didn’t get to work out due to the weather but that is not the end of the world since I do not work out every day.

    I hope everyone joining me is keeping track of their progress 🙂

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