Green Birdhouse Project

Each season new colors and styles come into play; it is hard enough to keep up with it in fashion and almost impossible with home décor.  Who can afford to change up your furniture and décor every time the new look comes along?  Well, I found a way to keep current and not spend a fortune.  This birdcage project works for any season, trend color, and décor style.  I use this piece in my garden which has a Moroccan flavor and I wanted to jazz it up the new neon bright colors that we are seeing so much of.  The cool thing about this is that when the color trends change or my mood, in about 20 minutes I can make it “new” again.



  • Décor Piece {Birdcage, lantern, branches (with or without bark), baskets…}
  • Rust free outdoor spray paint
  • Drop cloth
  • Latex gloves


I used a neon/bright chartreuse green on an old birdcage that I had left over from an event.  You can use anything that you may already have or a fun piece that you find at a yard sell or thrift store; especially if you are going to use it outside, I never spend too much because it is going to take a beating.


Follow the how to photos and have fun!  You don’t have to spend a fortune to be on the cutting edge of home décor style…

I had an old Birdcage that was very weather worn.  I loved it because I can put a votive citronella candle inside and it makes a fun piece but it was very tired and not that cute any more…



Clean off the piece you are going to paint.  There was some rust and old paint on this piece so I did sand it down a bit but I didn’t spend a lot of time on it since it was going to be outside.


I used at least 4 coats of paint and let each one dry for about 30 min… This is the only thing that takes a little time.

Here is the finished product. It looks so much better.

I found this cute little bird at Micheal’s and I put a little candle in the bottom.

Be creative and have fun!!

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