Finding The Perfect Man

Sometimes it is hard enough to find the perfect shoes to go with an outfit… Finding the perfect man, I can’t even imagine what it would be like now to date… I watch my oldest son and have mixed emotions. I raised him to be a gentleman and a perfect catch and many times I see him passed over, for the “jerk”. I found my perfect guy 36 years ago and although I did know it at the time circumstance and timing allowed ten years to pass before we actually married. We did date 6 of the 10 years and remained friends the other 4 years so our story is unique, as is everyone’s love story; that is what makes them so much fun to hear. Want to hear my story on how I found my perfect guy? You can here the whole story on my YouTube video: Soulful Sunday – Finding the Perfect Guy!

I am not one to give out dating or marriage advice per se; it is my personal opinion, unless you are a professional, there are just too many unknown variables that can influence who is perfect for one person to the next. That being said, the one constant that I have found for myself and the other long term relationship people I have encountered in my lifetime is one very important ingredient is being with your best friend! Making any relationship work ANY RELATIONSHIP takes compromise, listening (from both parties), work (from both sides but some times not the same amount at the same time), and personally I think the biggest one is FRIENDSHIP. To me without a strong foundation of friendship all the rest will just prop up a week structure; maybe for a long time if you work really hard at it, maybe forever, then the question is, are you happy? I think when you are involved in a long term relationship with your best friend all the work, and there is work involved, is way more fun at times and tolerable in other times. Well, I guess for not giving advice that was a lot of it… Or maybe just a long winded way of saying, you may have all sorts of criteria for what is the “Perfect Guy” is, make sure the one thing that is on the top of your list is he is your Best Friend and a lot of the rest will just fall into place!

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