Embellish Holiday/Seasonal Decor

I thought it would be nice to have a page dedicated to Holiday and Seasonal Decor.  I pride myself on finding my entire seasonal and holiday decor on sale or I make it myself.  I promise you if it is here I got it for at least 40% off or made it for a fraction of what it would have cost me to buy it.  I am constantly seeing stuff in home decor stores and Online and finding a way to make it for less.  Seriously, if it is over $30 I will always see if I can’t make it myself.  If I made it I will try to give you step by step instructions with photos, if I bought it I will always tell you where you can get it for a deal.  It is my personal feeling if you are going to put a decorative item up for only a few months you really should not invest a lot of money on it; especially if it is going to sit in storage for most of the year.  That being said, there is no reason for it to look cheap or messy.

 This philosophy is also good if you love to re-decorate your house all the time like I do.  I invest in my staple pieces, the ones that never change, and then go wild on all the little accent pieces that I can change at my discretion, time of year, or holiday we are celebrating.  I love finding a deal and/or creating a custom item that just fits my themes or colors perfectly.  Nothing says, well-decorated home, then a customized piece that fits your decor perfectly; sometimes that can be purchased but many times you have to create it yourself. 

Check back often because I will always be adding new ideas and finds when it comes to holiday and seasonal home items.

Click on Photo to see holiday/seasonal decor 2012.  Notice there are 2 albums you have to click on both to see all the photos.


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