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I developed Embellish Home to address my obsession for decorating my home over and over again (Some, especially my husband, see this as a problem. I think of it as a creative expression of my many personal tastes, or multiple personalities, whatever works).

Many of my friends have tried to talk me into going into home decorating as a business. I have explained to them, no matter how good they think I am if someone would ask me to give them a Hillbilly Chic living room I just couldn’t do it! I am great at what I like but not so good at following someone else’s lead, at least not where décor is concerned. Now that being said, if you wanted a Hillbilly themed party I would throw that sofa out on the front porch so fast your head would spin.

So, back to my vision for the Embellish Home Gallery; I would like to see this page used for tips on how to make your house be part of your personal style and represent a part of you. This is another reason why I would never design for others; I would rather teach others how to look inside themselves and create a room that embodies their personal style. There is nothing more uncomfortable than living in or visiting a home that is decorated to match a trend and not to represent a personal lifestyle and who better to do that then the person or people living in the house. I would like to help bring out the interior designer in everyone. Even if you do use a professional to pull it all together, being able to express your style is a skill that everyone can use.

I will also post different DIY projects and fun craft projects that I have done to create decor pieces.   I pride myself in creating decor pieces that I find in stores or online and making them myself for a fraction of the cost.  I promise you if I post a project it will be easy(ish) 😉  Honestly, I do not assume that everyone is crafty or has the time; if I post a craft idea it will be easier.  If I make something that is tricky or takes time or skill I will not waste your time with steps.  If there is something that you want to try and I have not given steps, just send me an email and I will send you every step.  I will even talk you through it if you need my help.


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