Coke Bottle Bud Vase Project

I found this project while watching the Today Show, I think, and it was a summer table display by Martha Stewart. She had done the table in white and linen. She painted her bottles all white. You can paint them any color depending on your color scheme and occasion.

I found my Coke bottles at my local warehouse store; but you can find them at almost any grocery store.  I also did a set that was of a trio of different soda brands so each bottle had its own shape. Keep in mind if you have a colored glass bottle you will want to use a darker color to keep the color you want true (i.e. a green glass bottle would not be the best if you wanted it white…).

I used spray paint found in my local hardware store. I used indoor/outdoor Valspar satin finish, I am sure you can use any finish or brand. Keep in mind that when you are painting you need to do at least 3 coats and need to wait at least 10 min. between each coat. I do my spray painting outside but a well ventilated area like a garage would work too. This is a really easy project and they make wonderful summer table centerpieces. Don’t limit them to just 4th of July, use fun colors and have them all summer long.



Supply List

  • Coke or soda glass bottles
  • Latex gloves
  • Spray paint (any color or texture)
  • Skewer, stick or anything that can hold the bottle while painting.

Here are some photos of the project, I hope they help.  Check them out and enjoy.

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