Coastal TV Room & Home Decor DIY

homeWelcome to my Coastal Decor Room; join me on an all access tour of the room, how I decorated it, where I purchased many of the items I used to make my coastal sea scape splendor, how and what I made in the room myself and also a few helpful tips on some of the mishaps I had along the way. I will show you all how I fixed a destroyed hutch that came to me from Wayfair (they have an amazing return policy) and I made it into a great bar area. I can’t throw anything away even if I am told to… LOL I am the repurpose queen; it just seems wrong to throw something away if there is a chance to breathe life back into it and I think I did just that. If you check out my video, you will be able to judge for yourself if I was able to revive the bashed up hutch into a fun bar unit for our TV room. I also found a new product that helped me clean a paint mishap I had. There is a lot of great information, ideas and creations packed into this one little video, please check it out 🙂
To see details, check out the link to my video: Coastal TV Room Tour & Home Decor DIY
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