Beach and Sea Themed Wreath

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I love making wreaths for every holiday and seasonally I keep one up too. I think a wreath is a welcoming entrée to your home and can be a statement piece, if done right, that lets your guest know your style. A wreath can celebrate a holiday, welcome your guest and show off your style in one decor statement. If you would like to see how to set up this Beach and Sea inspired wreath check out my YouTube video with a complete step by step instructions.


• Wreath form
• Shells and Beach/Sea inspired décor
• Silk or Natural florals
• Ribbon
• Hot glue and gun
• Scissors
• Wire cutters (optional if you need to cut down floral stems)

Steps to assembling your wreath:

1. Lay out your design.
2. Hot glue pieces in place.
3. Assemble the bow your choice in style.
4. Attach the bow.

The cocktail is inspired from the Hualalai Grille and I tweaked it just a bit. It is called Hibiscus Peach Cocktail.
Here is the recipe:

Hibiscus Peach Cocktail
1.5 ounces Absolut Hibiscus vodka
.75 oz. Peach Liqueur
.75 oz. Sweet & Sour mix (I didn’t have that so I use Triple Sec)
Splash of Orange juice
Splash of pomegranate/cranberry juice (original recipe calls for pomegranate or cranberry juice so I use the blend and it was good)
Since I used the Triple Sec and that has additional liqueur in it I added a splash of soda water just to thin it out a bit and I do think it helps. If you try it with the Sweet and Sour let me know if it is good.

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