2013 New Years Promises

ChristmasHeadShot2012I have been considering how I want to handle 2013 and traditional New Year’s Resolution.  I have been thinking that this year I don’t want to make goals, resolutions, challenges or “to do’s”; this year I am going to make myself Promises.  I am still going to make a list, because I love my lists 🙂  Lists help me keep on task with everything I do.  I am going to make sure each promise I make is achievable and yet challenges me because I really want to grow beyond my comfort zone this year.


I am feeling physically better than I have in quite a few years and I think I can afford to reach a bit and not necessary worry about my health as much as I have had to the past, almost 8 years… Hard to believe it has been that long but… Time flies when you’re having fun 😉  I am also going to make promises to myself that focus on my personal growth and the growth of my family.  As much as I love helping and supporting others I think for the past, I’m not sure but close to 18 years, I have devoted a lot of time and energy focused outward on others.  Don’t get me wrong, I love helping others and a lot of that help has crossed over to helping family too, but very little of it truly focused on any of my dreams or ambitions.  Many times I would start going in a personal direction than in one way or another I would become side tracked and start to help someone or some group achieve their goals or dreams and “BAM” a year was gone.  Not complaining, just making a realization into my way of avoiding my dreams; it is way easier to help others achieve their dreams than focus on your own 😉


2013 is my year to make a promise to myself to not put myself on the back burner, not make excuses that I am “doing for others”.  As noble as that sounds it is still “my” excuse not to try.  I know I will keep on giving of my time because that is just who I am and it truly makes me happy.  I promise that I will learn to keep my tasks first and fill in with the others as time permits and not the other way around.  This will not be easy for me but I think it is an important promise to make to myself and my family and a really good lesson to learn, for me 🙂  So, without further ado here is my 2013 list of Promises:


I Promise To:

  1. Focus on family and my personal goals first before I add additional tasks.
  2. Write and post on a more regular basis.
  3. Research Event and Experience.
  4. Get all business paperwork done and in order.
  5. Continue to eat well and try new recipes.
  6. Exercise at least 3 days a week and be active every chance I get.
  7. Continue to lose weight and lose another 20lbs, the right way.
  8. Remove all medical concerns so that my health will no longer be a restriction on my life.
  9. Finish all necessary house projects so that our home is ready to sell by June if we want to.
  10. Help my son get ready for his senior year so that he has all his options available.


Well, this is my list of promises to me and I am going to do all that I can do to keep these promises.  I also hope that by making my promises public I will motivate others to make a commitment to push beyond their comfort zone and change things in their lives that they have always wanted to.  If you want to join me in making promises to yourself and want to have an online support system post your promises here and we can help each other stick with our promises.  I know that it is easier to achieve when you have support from others and it is harder to quit when you make your intentions public.  So, what do you have to lose?  Let me know what you would like to promise yourself and I will have your back and you can have mine 🙂

2 thoughts on “2013 New Years Promises

  1. Just a little update: Since I made my promises to myself I have made some progress. I have been trying to at least touch each one of my promises to myself especially since many of them are ongoing and not something that I would necessarily finish.

    I have done some forward movement to squaring away all my loose ends medically. You know getting all those things done you know you need to but you would rather not. I still have a few more medical issues to fix/resolve but I think I can “promise” to get them handled by June. This feels so good to just be able to check that off the list. I really hate going to the doctor and I dislike even more doing the routine stuff. So, I am glad to get these few routine things out of the way.

    I have also been working really hard at keeping my promise to support my youngest son in his preparation for his senior year of high school and beyond; much to his dismay I am sure. Like most teenagers he would rather I stay out of his business and not ask so many probing questions about his day to day plans, not that this should be a new phenomenon for him, I have been doing it all his life. I understand now that he is 17 years old it is a major drag to have his mother ask, “how’s your day, what are your plans, what homework do you have, have you worked on your “promises” this week (yes, even my boys have promises)…”. He hates it but why would I stop now? We are on the home stretch. I didn’t stop with his older brother and he turned out great. I think teens need their freedom and room to grow and make mistakes and we give both boys the room to do that. I also think you are playing Russian roulette if you just let your teen run free under the premise that “you are giving them their freedom and room to fly on their own”. We just let them think they are flying on their own but we are always close by ready to catch them if they fall at least until they are 18 and even then I don’t ever think you are ready to walk away and say “tough, you are on your own deal with it…”. But I digress, can you tell I am having boy issues or teen issues right now 😉 I’m supporting and he is… being a teen and this too will pass and some day he will love me for it I know because, been there done that with the other one 😉 I just have to remind myself to take deep breaths, do yoga, and have a facial… I am not going to let him age me, LOL. I swear teenagers can add 10 years onto your face if you let them.

    What else, I have been getting in my 3 workouts a week, or more, so that is good. I did do some research towards our potential house sale so that is actually done so that is a full check off the list! I have been cooking more whole foods and the boys really love that. Kind of reached a plateau on the weight loss but not too concerned about that. I’m writing this so that is something but really could do a bit better on the posting. Hey, it is only mid-January and I’m keeping my promises. I would love to hear from others. I do feel like I am just hanging out her all by myself 😉 If anyone if out there I would love to know what you are working toward, promising yourself 🙂

  2. Well, it is not 6 months but it is close, so I think it is time for an update. I have made some big progress on my promises to myself this year. I have scheduled my stomach surgery to take care of my final pain hurtle and I also saw all my doctors in the beginning of the year and it looks like we are on the right track to normalizing my hormones. Which is what I was telling my doctors were off for almost 8 years now. Funny how many times we know our own bodies better than anyone else. What have I learned from this 8 year medical saga; NEVER GIVE UP! You know YOU and you know your family! If you think something is wrong or “off” keep pushing, looking, researching, talking to others and doctors. Don’t ever give up!

    We also listed and are moving towards selling our home in Point Loma, which is a huge check off of our families “to do” list. It was better than we thought it would be but it still hasn’t been without a few bumps in the road 😉 I guess nothing worth getting comes easy, at least that has been our experience with most things in our lives.

    I have done well on the eating well, exercising, and trying to loose weight. Nothing dramatic has happened but I am slowly dropping a pound here and there and that is the safe and healthy way to do it.

    My promises 1 through 4 have not been addressed but that is OK. I have put a lot of energy in the other things so haven’t really had time to focus on these items. I have been focusing a lot of time on my son and moving him towards graduation in a positive way. I am glad that he is becoming more driven and seems to have more of a purpose.

    I think the one thing that I feel that I have really slacked on and would like to change is the time I have spent on my blog and my business. This is not surprising. One of my biggest issues is that I put myself and what I want last. I know it is my way of hiding and protecting myself from failing. If I never really get off the ground and I can use “helping others” as my reason why, I never have to fail and I have a good reason to explain why I didn’t have the time to ever get started. I know I’m doing it and I know it is silly but I do it any way.

    I will have to just jump in and focus 🙂 Practice what I preach and take my chances. I hope everyone is doing well on their promises to themselves. Please feel free to post your progress, comments or questions. I would love to hear from you 🙂

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