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Embellish Blog

Follow me while I embellish on home, wellness, style, events, and home lifestyle. My goal is to inspire women to embellish their personal style on all facets of their life. I truly believe that everything in life is better when you EMBELLISH!

Home Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy all the photos of my home projects, crafts, and designs. Use them as a how to guide, inspiration, motivation, and creative muse.

Style Gallery

Do you have a personal style or do you need to identify yours? Embellish your style with fashion, beauty, cosmetic surgery, or personal growth. Check out all my photo pics of what is hot and what is not.

Event Gallery

Life can be a party if you learn to Embellish. No matter if you are hosting an intimate party for friends or designing a large event visit my photo gallery with tons of ideas here.

I enjoy helping others achieve an awareness of their true potential; I am encouraged when I can help guide individuals closer to their goals. I find pleasure in seeing women discover their personal strengths and unfold their inner-beauty, as well as helping them enhance their health, wellness and personal style.

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